Trenchless Sewer Line Installation & Repair

Seattle Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Advanced Technology & Cost-Effective Sewer Line Installation Solutions in Seattle

Since the development of trenchless technology, repairing and replacing sewer lines no longer causes the stress, damage, and inconvenience of excavation. At Green Planet Plumbing & Sewer, we offer our Seattle trenchless sewer line repair and installation services to replace underground lines in a fraction of the time. We have served the local area since 2007 and continually adopt new technologies to provide best-in-class service on every job.

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Trenchless Technology

Homeowners enjoy several advantages with the use of trenchless technology. Seattle trenchless sewer line repair and replacement methods are less intrusive, which means you can keep your landscaping, lawn, and patio intact. Trenchless repairs are faster and save you money.

Trenchless sewer line services are available for:

  • Repairing and replacing underground pipes
  • Blockages in pipes
  • Cracked pipes
  • Damage caused by ground shifting
  • Problems with improper installation

Our Seattle trenchless sewer line installation and repair are performed using a variety of methods. We start by inspecting your sewer line to locate the problem and the extent of the damage. Based on our findings, we explain your repair and replacement options and recommend the most effective non-invasive method for solving your sewer line problem.

  • “They were so professional and really understood the scope of the work. Great to communicate with, did the work in the time frame expected, showed up right on schedule, and were very friendly to work with.”

    - Chris R.

Your Options for Trenchless Sewer Work

We offer two types of trenchless sewer options:

  • Pipe bursting includes the installation of a new, flexible pipe (SDR-17) that is pulled through your existing sewer line. It requires an access hole at both ends of whatever segment we are replacing. It uses your existing sewer as a conduit that gets burst, or pushed out of the way, as the new pipe pull through. The pipe is seamless, because we fuse together sections with a special hot iron. This means there are no couplings or fittings to fail or allow roots in. Once connected, the pipe is filled with water to test for any leaks or flaws.
  • Perma-Lining is a method we use when we only have one access point due to obstacles or cost. For instance, if we want to replace the section of sewer from your property line to the city main, we can dig a hole on your property and "line” the pipe to the middle of the street without the exorbitant cost of digging a hole in the middle of the street. We can save you thousands by installing a liner. The Perma-Liner is an epoxy that enters the pipe as a soft, thick, glue-type material that hardens into a shell after it is exposed to hot water. There are some limitations to the liner, such as collapsed pipe or major holes in the pipe, but when it is an option, it will save you money and headaches.

If you are interested in trenchless sewer work, we can inspect your sewer with a camera and come up with the best options for you. We offer a 10-year warranty on both options above to protect you from defects or installation errors, but they are considered 100-year materials.

Minimizing Damage to Your Property

The biggest benefit of trenchless sewer line installation and repair in Seattle for many homeowners is minimizing damage to the lawn and landscape. We are committed to solving your sewer line problem or installing a new line without tearing up your property and leaving a mess behind. In fact, we are so careful to leave the area looking better than when we started that you won’t even know we were there.

Please contact us at (206) 207-7625 for more information and to set up an appointment.

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