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Seattle Water Heater Repair

Same-Day Hot Water Heater Repair for Traditional & Tankless Models

Your water heater is a workhorse, supplying hot water for showering, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. When it stops working, almost every aspect of your home life is affected. The experienced plumbers at Green Planet Plumbing & Sewer are skilled at troubleshooting and resolving water heater problems. We offer water heater repair in Seattle for traditional and tankless units.

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Address Water Heater Problems Early

Although it can happen, water heaters don’t often suddenly stop working. Small problems may slowly grow into bigger issues. Addressing problems immediately can provide the opportunity for us to fix minor issues and save you money in the long run. For example, if your water heater is still heating the water, but seems to be operating inefficiently, we can fix the problem and avoid a complete breakdown.

Water Heater Repair Service for All Brands

Our Seattle water heater repair technicians have extensive training and more than a decade of experience troubleshooting problems with hot water heaters. We offer water heater repair in Seattle for all brands and models of traditional and tankless water heaters. Our Seattle plumbers are able to solve many types of repair issues, so you can avoid the cost of replacement.

We repair common water heater problems, such as:

Thermostat Failure

  • The temperature of the hot water you receive from your water heater is dependent upon a properly functioning thermostat. If your thermostat has completely failed or is not calibrated correctly, you may experience fluctuations in temperature, water that never seems to get past lukewarm, or hot water that quickly runs out. Thankfully, water heater thermostats can be replaced!

Obstructions in the vent or flue

  • A blocked water heater vent can be very dangerous. When carbon monoxide (a biproduct of combustion in natural gas water heaters) is not safely diverted away via the vent flue, the toxic gas can begin to build up in your home. But how can you tell if your vent is clogged? Simple: if you feel a draft of warm or hot air near the vent instead of cool air, that means it is not venting properly and there's some kind of obstruction in the vent that needs to be removed.

Heating element failure

  • If you have an electric water heater and are dealing with a loss of hot water, the problem may lie with a failed heating element. This component can degrade over time and break down, but it is replaceable in many cases. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, however, it may be more cost effective to simply replace the whole unit.

Pilot Light Problems

  • We commonly respond to customer calls for water heater pilot lights that won't stay lit. If your pilot light keeps going out despite relighting it, or if you're uncomfortable trying to relight the pilot light yourself, give us a call and we'll troubleshoot the issue for you. You may have an issue with a dirty or faulty thermocouple, or there may be an issue with your supply of natural gas.

Not enough hot water

  • Does it seem like your hot water runs out extremely quickly, even when demand is low? No one likes the rude surprise of a nice warm shower going suddenly cold, so have this checked out by our professionals as soon as possible. Common culprits in this situation include sediment buildup inside your tank, a bad lower heating element (on electric models), or a faulty dip tube that needs to be replaced.

No hot water

  • Obviously if you have no hot water heater at all, you have a pretty serious problem! You may have any of the issues listed above. Repair is not always the best solution, and in some cases it may not even be feasible at all if your water heater is old or corroded enough. One of our qualified technicians can provide you the right solution based on their diagnosis of your specific situation.
  • “They were so professional and really understood the scope of the work. Great to communicate with, did the work in the time frame expected, showed up right on schedule, and were very friendly to work with.”

    - Chris R.

Water Heater Repair Vs. Replacement

While we are able to solve many water heater repair issues, some units are beyond repair. If any of the following apply, you should consider replacement.

  1. There's a leak in your tank - If the leak is localized to a water line or the dip tube, we can replace those parts pretty easily. But replacing the tank can cost more than a new unit so you're better off with replacement.
  2. Rusty colored water - This could be happening because of a rusty anode rod that's replaceable, but if the rust has spread to the unit then you're going to have to opt for replacement.
  3. Loud rumbling or grinding noises - Not all sounds coming from your water heater are so bad. If you hear a snapping or popping sound then you just need to call in our Seattle water heater repair experts about cleaning out your unit. But these rumbling or grinding sounds can be more significant.
  4. Your unit is old and has an expensive repair - You should always think twice before opting into any expensive repair, but especially if your unit is on its last legs.

At Green Planet Plumbing & Sewer, we are committed to honesty and would never sell you something you wouldn’t benefit from. We will always advise you of your repair and replacement options, so you have the information you need to make the best decision for your home.

Call (206) 207-7625 for prompt Seattle water heater repair.

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