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5-star rating Nancy B. - 9/3/2014

"These guys were great. We had some small things in our condo unit, rather than a full on large commercial job. But they got someone out here quickly, and they were clear and honest about the costs and they did what they said they would do. I had a much better experience than I've had with plumbers ever before. I had to call 2 weeks later and get the billing redone to help my landlord, and Tyler was super fast and responsive, sending me a new bill in minutes. These folks really prioritize customer service."

5-star rating Michelle E. - 8/27/2014

"Tyler had his crew come out to our place of business to add a laundry line. They where quick to respond, polite clean and reasonably priced. Sense then I have called a lot of small businesses to help get our house ready to sell and to fix up our new home. I guess I never realized how rare good customer service is when dealing with contractor such as electricians, gutters, glass, real estate agents, interior designers, etc. Our resent experience has reminded me of the excellent service we received from this company. I really wish more local businesses had the same attitude towards their customers. Thanks green planet"

5-star rating Robert L. - 8/10/2014

"Our home water main was leaking so I contacted different plumbing companies to obtain estimates to replace it. As I have done in the past, I called the big advertising plumbers in the area and, as expected, received big estimates to complete the job. I also called a local plumbing supply store who recommended Green Planet Plumbing. Tyler was so helpful in addressing our concern and provided us with a much better estimate than the other companies. He and his hard working crew did a fine job completing the repair in a timely manner. I highly recommend Green Planet Plumbing for their reasonable prices and quality, reliable service."

5-star rating Joan L. - 7/23/2014

"We just purchased a house and found out the washing machine hookups were done DIY with hoses totally exposed and stapled to a wall that was previously hidden from sight. Later I found out that one of the hoses that was feeding into another hose would spray water everywhere during the wash cycle.

We actually called Alki Sewer first since he was referred by a friend, but Phil, the owner, referred us to Green Planet. Justin was the head of our project and he was really down to earth and knowledgeable about his trade. There was also a nice young guy named Matt that was there most of the time as well as Luke. They all spent some time in our tiny crawlspace...bless their hearts! All very nice, respectful, quiet guys.

They tore out the drywall and installed all of the washing machine hoses the correct way--inside the wall instead of stapled on it. They also installed a very fancy recessed washer hookup system that sits inside the drywall so the washer can be pushed right up against the wall :) The pipes under the sink and in the washer area also got a full upgrade.

In addition they also totally fixed my leaky hose, caulked all my fixtures, extended a shower head that was too short, put in an expansion tank, and gave us seismic straps.

They also did everything for the plumbing permit--including getting the permit, scheduling, setting up for the plumbing inspection, and taking down the set up for the plumbing inspection. The inspector said everything was perfect. (They also didn't add anything to the bid price except for the cost of the inspection.)

Scheduling is really easy too--I called Weds, Thurs Justin draws up a bid, Mon it's done in one day. There was barely any time when the water was off--very efficient. I also like to comment that it's nice that the guy that did the bid also did the work."

5-star rating Ronda H. - 7/16/2014

"We just moved into a condo in downtown Seattle. I came home late from work to the kitchen sink leaking. Husband was out of town. I called a bunch of plumbers - all closed. Green Planet actually answered their phone and plumber, Luke, was able to come in, fix the problem at a reasonable cost. I was pretty impressed they were willing to work downtown (seems to be a problem to find contractors who will venture into the city). Only one of the other plumbers I called actually returned my call (Dave the Plumber). Bottom line, Green Planet communicated well, were highly responsive, respectful and even called me after the visit to make sure it was fixed. As a property manager, I'll be calling them again!"

5-star rating Claire O. - 6/6/2014

"I was referred to Green Planet by Yelp. A plumber was available and came within a half hour of being called. He estimated the work at $400 including parts before tax, told me what was wrong, how he would fix it, and how long it would take (2 hours). The work was done efficiently, on time and looked professional when finished in 2 3/4 hours and I paid $438 including tax."

5-star rating Stacey R. - 4/19/2014

"Can't say enough good about these guys. We had a clog that was inaccessible by snake or scope (due to funky plumbing in an old house). After multiple attempts our other plumber recommended these guys. They were awesome. Polite, professional, expedient. They had to break through our basement floor as well as dig a hole in the yard. 4 guys worked hard to get this all done in 1.5 days. They cleaned everything immaculately, put the grass back so you can barely notice and re-concreted the floor. Tyler explained everything well and his crew was great. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tyler, Luke, Justin and (I'm so sorry I forgot the 4th) for helping us through this nightmare! Will definitely call them again if needed. Highly recommend. Price was great. ( Roto Rooter charged more for a half days work on a previous job)."

5-star rating James M. - 4/6/2014

"I had been avoiding contacting a plumber for my chronically slow bathroom drain because of my neighbor's experience with her drain and other stories I had heard. I was afraid that there must be roots or something else obstructing the drain and getting it cleared was going to be a Big Deal. I contacted Tyler based on the good reviews I saw here. Tyler quickly alleviated my fears after I explained what was going on and we scheduled an appointment. He was able to "snake" the drain which brought up the usual suspects (hair, etc.), and leave me with a smoothly draining shower for the first time in years. I was so relieved!

Tyler was quick, professional, and his business is local. I would certainly recommend him for your plumbing needs."

5-star rating Fran R. - 1/14/2014

"I live in an old house with an old toilet which was leaking. I called Green Planet Plumbing. I am very satisfied with the work performed and would not hesitate to use Green Planet Plumbing again should the need arise. Thank you Tyler and Justin."

5-star rating Jojo W. - 1/11/2014

"Green Planet was awesome in getting our complicated water heater issue fixed. It was a busy time with lots of pipes breaking in the deep freeze. Although it took a few days to get scheduled, they were excellent keeping in touch and following up. They did the repairs in a few hours and for a great price. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend they be your first call for plumbing issues!

The fact that they are green friendly gives them a 6th star! :)"

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